Pendulum Hotel Manchester Parking

The Pendulum hotel in Manchester offers great accommodations and many venues nearby for the business traveler and the tourist to enjoy. Whether it is shopping at one of the many markets, taking in a football game or attending a business meeting nearby, there is pretty much something for everyone.

Transportation Connections

Many people will arrive by taxi, train or metro link. After all, not needing to worry about parking is one stress many people can do without. The buses, the trains etc. all provide great service and the Pendulum hotel is close to the Piccadilly station. Take the train in from the outskirts and get off at the station for a short walk to the hotel and your business interest.

Still others will also drive their vehicles into downtown and park at a nearby parking lot. The Pendulum hotel does not have parking facilities, however there is a parking garage close by across the street that offers parking at standard rates. Parking is just next door to the Pendulum hotel on Charles Street just over the road from the hotel and is £10 for 24 hours Monday – Friday and £2 for 24 hours Saturday – Sunday.

If you are planning to come downtown for the weekend and looking for a place to park your car while you stay at the hotel this is most likely the most convenient and reasonable option.

Plan Your Travel Time

Whether you are traveling by car or train or bus, tourists and business travelers should really allow extra time to get to their final destination. Traffic can be congested at times and there is nothing worse than being late for a meeting or appointment. Your travel time should also include finding a place to park your vehicle. If the lot is already full you may need to look for another location.

Many visitors will park at one of the major stations on the outskirts of the city and take the train into the downtown area. Parking is less expensive, they can relax on the train, and they do not need to deal with congested roads. While this might not be the desired approach for many, not having to deal with city congestion is much more relaxing.

Use Your GPS to get to the Pendulum Hotel and Parking

Following directions in a busy city can be difficult at best, with all of the traffic, lights, pedestrians etc. If you are driving by yourself and trying to figure out where you are going, it can be particularly difficult. Many drivers will utilize their GPS to get to the hotel and also find parking nearby.

Modern GPS devices will also provide traffic updates and help with finding restaurants etc. nearby. Customers of the Pendulum Hotel will also need to ensure that once they arrive at the local parking garage, they can carry their luggage from the garage to the hotel. This may seem a trivial suggestion, however if you need to carry heavy luggage it is definitely something to consider.

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