Manchester Transport Links

Visitors to the Manchester city center and the Pendulum hotel can find their way to the downtown utilizing a variety of transport links. Regular commuters travel by rail from one of the many Metrolink and train stations around the city and the greater Manchester area including the airport.
Manchester Transport Links – Modes of Transport

By Air – if you are visiting Manchester and arriving at the airport, visitors can take a 20 minute ride on the Metrolink and then a 10 minute walk from the Piccadilly train station to the hotel and steps to the markets in the area.

By Car – There are several options if you are arriving by car. Drivers can proceed directly downtown to the Pendulum hotel and park nearby in one of the city parking lots just off Charles Street. Another possibility is to park at one of the park and ride locations around the city and take the rail or Metrolink downtown to Piccadilly train station. You may need to take a connecting rail service to arrive at your destination.

Arriving by Rail – This is by far the easiest way to get around central Manchester and to also come in from the outskirts. As previously mentioned there is also a link from the airport to down Manchester. Regardless of where you are coming from, map put your route to the Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. From there it is a short walk to the Pendulum hotel. The walk is approximately 10 minutes to the hotel.
Of course you can always hail a taxi, particularly if you have luggage or packages that need to be transported with you.

Manchester Transport Links – Bus System

The city of Manchester has an extensive bus system. There are several companies providing bus service. Depending on your destination you may want to chat with the concierge at the hotel to determine the most appropriate routes to take to your final destination. Many travelers find that a combination of Metrolink, train and bus will take them to their final destination.

Manchester Transport Links – Underground

Manchester does not have an underground train system. It had been considered until a decision to build the Metrolink system.

Manchester Transport Links – Canal System

The canal system dates back to a time when there was n vehicular traffic. They were used to bring coal and iron and other commodities into and out of the city. Today the canals are primarily used for recreation purposes. There are also water taxis available at various locations.

Planning Your Day

With so many choices and places to go, visitors can easily become confused about which routes to take to get to their destinations. Planning your days travel can make the difference between a successful enjoyable day and one that is not. Take a few minutes the day before or first thing in the morning to plan your route. Talk to the concierge at the Pendulum hotel. They can help you with routes and maps and much more.

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