German Markets Confirmed For Manchester Christmas 2017

The Christmas season is already just around the corner. Many people are in to their countdown to Christmas, even if there’s still a few months left to go. But who can blame them when it’s such a great and magical time for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality? Manchester really comes to life during this time, and we’re excited to announce that the dates for German Markets in Manchester have now been confirmed!


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What Are The German Markets?

During Christmas time, the streets of Manchester are full of festive stalls selling different kinds of food treats, drinks, and presents. The smell of good foods around the area partnered with the beautiful twinkling Christmas lights are truly an experience no one would want to miss. It truly is a magical experience for families, friends, and colleagues to enjoy the festive season in a very unique way.


When Are The German Markets Happening In Manchester?


For this year 2017, dates are already confirmed. Manchester Christmas Markets will be opened for everyone in the city from November 10th to
December 20th. The Christmas Markets will be held in 10 different areas in the city: Albert Square, Brazennose Street, St Ann’s Square, Exchange Street, New Cathedral Street, The Corn Exchange, King Street, Market Street, Exchange Square, and Cathedral Gardens. Each area will have its own distinct atmosphere and character. This year, the main market hub will be based again in Albert Square, right in front of Manchester Town Hall. Last year it stretched to 10 sites in total that included a traditional German market located in St Ann’s Square, a French market on King Street, and also a world market found on Brazennose Street.

More About The Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Markets were launched in 1999, and started as a simple single site in St Ann’s Square. Right now, the markets are growing and growing in number with very popular and sprawling festive attractions, offering mouth-watering international food, drinks, and delicately crafted Yuletide gifts. Manchester Christmas Markets are where millions of visitors from all
over the world are so enticed to visit every year, making Manchester City Centre an ultimate hot-spot in the Christmas map.



Why Visit St. Ann’s Square? 

Surely, there are a lot of great reasons why you should go and visit St. Ann’s Square’s German markets in Manchester, when you travel and decide to enjoy the Christmas markets this year, or any other year. The market is not only about bratwurst and beer, which are so obviously delicious as they’ve always been. The festooned stalls also have a lot of great gifts to offer, including a wide variety of arts and crafts, clothes, meat, mulled wine, and toys. Today, the market is considered as one of the biggest and best markets you can find in the whole of Europe.

Also, the Bavarian-style log chalets lend a really pleasant ambience to the entire area that perfectly suits the Christmas season. Certainly, St. Ann’s Square is a major visitor attraction. If you’ll happen to decide to make a stop here, you’ll be amazed at how many people there are, making their festive vacations worthwhile. Right here, every visitor will surely have a taste of what the German culture has to offer the world.


Some of the things you can enjoy doing while you are at St. Ann’s Square include:

· Shop around different stalls and boutiques for nice clothes, bags, etc.;

· Buy different art and craft souvenirs;

· Shop and dine for food like bratwurst and mulled wine, and other German
foods; and

· Enjoy strolling around the open air around many festooned stalls and

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Some Tips While Visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets


In order to fully enjoy your stay during your Christmas break in Manchester Christmas Markets, there are several things to take note of to not create any reason that might be a source of disappointment for you.


If you’re planning to go over Albert Square, it is important to remember that no dogs are allowed in the area. A true bummer, but Albert Square implements a strict ‘no dogs’ policy, only with the exception of guide dogs. Bringing your dog along to the markets will only lead to disappointment as you will be refused entry.


Another useful tip is to plan visits during weekdays if at all possible. As we all know, Christmas markets are popular destinations during the Yuletide season, and so they can get very overcrowded. Monday – Friday is far less busy during both day and night, and that can make it a much more enjoyable and relaxed experience.


Be a smart traveler, too. As the entire area of Christmas markets are full of people at this time of the year, you have to expect the roads and car parks to be difficult to manage. Public transportation can be a great idea where possible. At the Pendulum hotel we provide parking plus easy access to the markets which are just a short walk away. See our hotel availability here.

Be sure to wrap up and dress with suitable clothes for warmth, too, as most of the areas are outdoors and unheated. Warm winter clothing is highly recommended, especially if you’re planning to stay in the markets for several hours.

We hope you found our guide helpful. If you did, then please share it so others can enjoy it too! If you need hotel accommodation during your trip to the German markets then please keep us in mind as a low cost hotel option.

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