Pendulum Hotel Manchester Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of any business can mean the difference between building a customer base and improving business over time and one that gradually fails. In the case of the Pendulum hotel Manchester, customer reviews are extremely important and taken seriously by the staff. They also have very positive ratings overall.

Customer Review Summary

As of the time of wring this post, the reviews on TripAdvisor number over 1200 reviews with over two thirds of them rating the hotel as excellent or very good. Results like these are considered excellent in the industry.

The remaining reviews are split between average to poor. Only 10% of the reviews are considered poor. While no one wants a poor review there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, not everyone can be satisfied no matter what you do. Another is that every customers concern should be investigated and if improvement or a change in services is required, it is addressed.

Examples of Customer Reviews

Many customers report that the rooms are very clean, which is important and a primary concern by most people. A central location near shopping and restaurants was another that many rated the hotel highly on. Reasonable prices and the ability to easily travel to the hotel are also important criteria mentioned by many customers. Patrons also appreciated how easy it was to get to the hotel using the metro. They were quite satisfied to take the train into the city and enjoy a five-minute walk from the closest station to the hotel.

Business travelers stay in a lot of hotels over a year and often are more than satisfied if they have a clean room, with the appropriate amenities where they can get a good night’s sleep. The hotel had several reviews indicating highly satisfied customers in this area.

Not everyone can be satisfied however. Some where concerned about slightly noisy bathroom fans, older TV’s with remotes that were problematic. Expectations and experience are also factors regarding how satisfied a customer can be. For example, one customer was surprised that she had to pay a deposit, which as it turned out was a preauthorization to cover incidentals. This is a standard approach in the industry.

Respect for Other Patrons

Believe it or not, some patrons really do not care about their fellow travelers. One particularly bad review was due to the customer not being able to sleep. Noise from another hotel guest, talking loudly and banging on doors kept them awake. Everyone loses at this point. The hotel lost because they received a bad review even though it was caused by a customer. The customer who was upset lost sleep and wrote a bad review. Of course the customer who caused all of the noise will be embarrassed and likely never return. You cannot keep everyone satisfied all of the time.

Overall, based on the many reviews provided by former patrons who where willing to take the time to actually write a review, the hotel has many positive highly complimentary reviews. Future customers and patrons can stay at this hotel with confidence.

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