Manchester Football

The city of Manchester offers lots to see and do for the tourist as well as the busy business traveler. From nightlife, historic attractions, shopping and tours to the Manchester football stadiums and museums, there is something to attract everyone.  Football has been played in Manchester since the late 1800’s and only suspended during the 1st World War. Games continued to be played during the 2nd World War. There is a long history of football in the city and surrounding area with over 130 years of play and over 50 teams currently registered.

Manchester City

The Manchester City football club is in the premier league and one of the two major foot ball clubs in the area. The Ethiad stadium tour is a very popular tour. Tourists can visit the stadium where the richest football club in the world plays. This is one of the most modern facilities in the UK and hosted the 2008 UEFA cup final. Manchester City has been around for 135 years, as long as the Manchester United football  club.

Manchester United

Manchester  United is another premier league club located minutes from the Pendulum hotel in the City Centre area of Manchester. It can be difficult to purchase tickets on Manchester United game days. Many visitors will take the Old Trafford stadium tour, look around the stadium, the museum and visit the Manchester United shop. Manchester United has been around for over 130 years. The museum tour will provide you with a unique perspective of the team’s football legacy over this period.

Pendulum  Hotel  Manchester

The Pendulum Hotel is a perfect place to stay for business travelers as well as tourists and football enthusiasts. It is close to Piccadilly Station, Canal Street and China town. The hotel has WiFi throughout the 117 rooms and common areas.  It offers superb accommodations, dining and convention facilities to meet every travelers needs

The Pendulum Hotel is also located in central Manchester, minutes away from both the Manchester City stadium and the Manchester United location. Depending on traffic and type of transportation, tourists can make their way to either location by car or by bus in less than 20 minutes. Manchester United is 3.3 miles away and Manchester City club is 2 miles in the opposite direction.

Local Football Clubs Nearby

There are over 50 football teams in the greater Manchester and Merseyside area. Clubs in the Premier league include Manchester United, Manchester City, Ashton United, Everton, and Liverpool.

Whether you are coming to Manchester to see one of these famous teams play or just visiting the city to take in some of the culture, the museums, go for dinner or shopping, the Pendulum Hotel is an excellent choice for travelers and business people. Clean rooms, central location, easy access to transportation, WiFi throughout are all part of the package.

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