Manchester Christmas markets

Every year Manchester Christmas markets return to offer residents and tourists special venues to enjoy the Christmas cheer, specialty food, drinks and different yuletide gifts for the family. There are over 300 stalls spread across the city in the various markets. Follow the market trail while enjoying all that the markets have to offer. There are plenty of different foods to try – Vegetarian, bratwurst, Hungarian, Spanish as well as traditional English fare.

Manchester Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets traditionally open mid November and remain open until the week before Christmas. Each market has its own hours of operation so you may want to check with your local concierge or the cities web site. The concierge at the Pendulum Hotel can certainly help with all of these details as well as provide directions.

King Street – is the place to go if you are looking for something French. With stalls running the full length of the street, there is something for everyone. In addition to the gift shops, there are crepe shops and even an Italian deli stand.

St Anne’s Square – focused on family outings, St Anne’s Square has lots of seating to enjoy a bratwurst or a chocolate fruit skewer and much more. There are lots of traditional children’s gifts as well as European decorations for your Christmas tree.

Brazennose Street – is a shopping avenue with the biggest pick and mix sweet shop you have ever seen. There are places to eat and drink. There are stands as well with handmade items as well as mass produced items.

Albert Square – Two full avenues of shops selling food, gifts and drinks. There are four bars to enjoy a pint and grab some food.

Cathedral Gardens – sports carnival rides for the whole family. Patrons must purchase tokens in order to enjoy the rides. There are stalls to eat and bars to enjoy a drink.

Exchange square – This is the place to go to experience the largest beer bar in the markets. The Roast Hog bar is a must see along with a number of other bars in the area. In addition to eating and drinking, patrons can also shop till you drop.

Market Street – Rows and rows of stands and shops selling handmade gifts dominate this market. This is one of the few markets that do not offer food or drink.

New Cathedral Street – is the sister to Exchange Street offering handmade unique gifts. Scented candles and a bratwurst stand are among the standouts.

Exchange Street – has lots of upscale gifts that are handmade. Jewelry, chocolate, soaps and much more with coffee shops to rest and relax are all here.

Getting to and Traveling Around the Markets

The best way by far to get to the market area is to take public transit and arm yourself with a local map to guide you around the area. The concierge at the Pendulum Hotel can provide information to assist.

Tips to Consider While Visiting Christmas Markets

Dogs are not allowed in some markets so check ahead of time. There are large crowds on the weekend; many patrons find weekdays are much easier to get around. Travel by public transit or use a designated driver especially if you will be visiting some of the many bars. Take lots of warm clothes!

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